We are daTangle

We are a Content as a Service (CaaS) company specializing in Augmented Reality enhanced Content (AReC)

daTangle is pioneering the delivery of Augmented Reality enhanced Content via a 100% service model. We strive to push the boundaries of the use of Augmented Reality content through our pioneering CaaS model. Founded in 2012, daTangle is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA and has offices in ChangSha China, Taipei Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

About us

What we Are and Deliver

What if creating augmented reality content was simple? What if you could just get it "done?" What if it could all be affordable? Now you can ... with daTangle.

daTangle is a brand new type of company, focused on creating augmented reality content for the next generation of interactive displays. We are born of the belief that by bringing together people of diverse backgrounds, you can deliver a better product, faster. We bring resources to bear from across the Globe and leverage our unique "Content as a Service" (CaaS) platform to give you fast, accurate, affordable results.

  • Our Mission - To enable fast, accurate AR content that wows.
  • Why Us - We leverage a global network to provide great work at amazing prices.
  • Results - We have a rich history of satisfied clients around the Globe.

The daTangle team


Rick Yang

Founder, President & CEO

Great Vision without Execution is Hallucination

Prior to daTangle, Rick was the Sr. Director & Chief of Staff for the General Manager of Foxconn Technology Group. While at Foxconn Rick led cross-functional strategic business teams and was responsible for driving group strategy and partnerships. Mr. Yang’s responsibilities covered four geographic regions and encompassed over 70,000 employees with $800M P/L.


Henry King

Co-Founder & Honorable Chairman of Board

I am more than willing to share my wells, but why you?

Henry has served as managing director and acting co-director of the Pan-Asia technology team for Goldman Sachs Asia where he was also head of Taiwan research.Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Henry worked at Credit Suisse and Indosuez WI Carr. He was head of Research at IDC Taiwan and was a technology analyst at Ting Kong Securities, focusing on hardware and component companies.


Taizo Yasutake

Co-Founder & CTO

Imagination is everywhere...
...any imagination can be the source of invention.

As the former director of development for new technologies at Primax Electronix, Taizo led the input technology division, pioneering new concepts in hardware and software user experience design. Taizo has held management positions in R&D at Sandio Technology, ITU Research, Servdrup Technologies as well as SAIC. He has nine approved and thirteen pending patents in for 3D input devices and interface methodologies.


Ocean Ding

General Manager of China

I have not failed...
I just simply found 10000 ways that don't work.

Ocean has held senior positions in China's JiangSu government offices where he facilitated foreign investments and mediated business relationships between foreign organizations and China's official representatives. Ocean was instrumental in the development of the ChangSha Software Park, facilitating the investment of nearly RMB $800M from a number of Fortune 500 companies.


Daniel Lee

VP of App Engineering

No matter how smart you are...
...your head will lead you to the ridiculousness thing at least once.

Before joining daTangle, Daniel held a number of positions at Intel in both technical and product marketing. He has broad knowledge of the PC and Semiconductor industries and provides deep knowledge and expertise in the areas of digital content enablement and delivery. While at Intel, Daniel led development of the Digital Home program that introduced the "2-feet" and "10-feet" user experience concepts.


Walter Paliska

Chief Business Consultant

There are no simple answers to hard questions...
...just lots of excuses to avoid the effort...

Walter provides guidance and assistance to the executive team at daTangle, he is an executive from the business intelligence and storage industries with a deep track record in startups and both enterprise and consumer-facing high tech companies. He has held senior positions at Phoenix Technologies, Logitech and has been in 6 startups with 3 successful exits.

What We DO

At daTangle we know that no one person can do it all. We know that by leveraging the skills, expertise and diversity of people from around the world we can accomplish great things faster, cheaper and better than we could alone. That's what we are all about, brining people together to make beautiful things.

We bring this ideal to Augmented Reality with our Content as a Service platform and our Augmented Reality enhanced Content (AReC), two incredible new concepts that leverage proprietary methodologies and technologies to create AR content in a wide variety of applications and for a broad areas of use. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA and has offices in ChangSha China, Taipei Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Heritage Preservation

daTangle leverages the power of Augmented Reality to preserve and enhance the value of cultural artifacts. We help bring history and culture to life through interactive artifacts and dynamic 3D visualizations.


daTangle powers a whole new model of entertainment, bringing interactive 3D content to consumers in rapid, affordable fashion. From interactive movie posters that can auto-play a trailer, to 3D visualizations to improve broadcasts.

Industrial Visualization

daTangle's technology allows manufacturing operations to gain true interactive, 3D visualizations of moving parts and the way in which they fit and work.

Interactive Content

From interactive advertising to home planning and decoration, daTangle technology touches the lives of people every day. daTangle 3D content provides a new, rich experience for the modern consumer.

Our Clients & Partners

daTangle has a rich portfolio of clients for whom we have created Augmented Reality content that spans the realm from heritage presentation to interactive consumer content.

Department of Commerce, Hunan Province
Hunan University

Lotus Hotel


daTangle technology is used around the World to create interactive, augmented content in architecture, education, entertainment and video. Contact us to learn how we can partner to create a vibrant new experience for your customers.

What do we do? We change the World

"daTangle's AReC technology provides a remarkably easy way to add this advanced technology to people's lives."

Wang Yang, Vice Premier Minister of China

By 2020, AR will claim a projected $120 billion of the total $150 billion AR/VR market.

Manatt Digital Media, Los Angeles

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